Audytorzy, Księgowi i Doradcy Sp. z o.o.


Welcome to the web pages of Vista Audytorzy, Księgowi i Doradcy Sp. z o.o.. National Council of Auditors (KIBR) entered us at the list of entities authorised to audit the financial statements. We get a register number 3490. Our mission is to provide audit financial statements and advising in a wide range. The company is registered in Registry Court in Gdańsk at No KRS 0000315208. We have our seat in Gdańsk-Wrzeszcz, General Haller Avenue 132 with convenient access both from airport Rębiechowo and from the center of the City. An access from direction Sopot/Gdynia is very simple to.

For to deliver bookkeeping, tax advising, pay-rolls and HR services to the market we established a daughter company Vista Audytorzy Księgowi i Doradcy Sp. z o.o. Spółka Komandytowa which is a limited partnership where we are the general partner. We co-operate with over 90 companies whom we deliver high quality, professional services many years. We enjoy confidence our clients – the oldest one still performed agreement is dated since 1991. Many of the companies are handled in English and German. We provide our services to Swedish, German, Danish, Norwegian, Irish, Spain, Italian, Dutch and Swiss customers who operate it’s business in our Region. We are working also for a single customers from Belgium and Spain.

“Vista” employs (on labour code contracts) 23 people including certified auditors, accountants, tax advisors and other specialists in the accountancy and finance branch. Careful recruitment of employees guarantees good services. Extensive package of statutory regulations, professional literature and continuous trainings are available to the employees. The experience gained by solving everyday problems concerning taxes and accounting of so great and various group of companies gives a proper base for offering one of the best services in our region.

We plan to continue and develope the accounting, pay-rolls, staff documentary and tax-advising services switched to businesses from Region of Gdańsk.

We treat our clients with special attention even it is a small entity. We provide services swiched as well to small business as to international company. We are using both a simple tax-evidence and an advanced management accounting, according to preferences or needs of our clients.

It will be a pleasure to deliver our services also for Your company.